Workshop in Jakarta April 2017

Free ‘n’ Easy Freediving workshop

Jakarta / Pramuka Island, Indonesia, 13 – 16th April 2017

To become an EasyEfficientElegant Freediver

Upgrade your freedives / freediving skills to the next level!

Become a Role Model Freediver


The objective for the workshop is to make maximum progress in your own pace, with maximum pleasure and relaxation during each dive, and without any pressure of reaching numbers or skills perfection.

You will work in small groups with different instructors to get maximum knowledge and experience.

You can download all details of the workshop here 2017_Jakarta_freediving workshop_details


Booking deadline 15th of March!


Booking at or +628562121312 for call or whatsapp.


You will learn and master:

– advanced equalization techniques: Frenzel and Frenzel-Fattah (Mouthfill)

– flutter kick that is efficient and optimal for your body type, you will find your best rhythm, amplitude and speed to use less oxygen, be more relaxed and make the whole dive easier

– relaxed and streamlined body position for more enjoyable, easier, and safer freedives

– relaxation of the body and mind before and during the dive to ease equalization, conserve oxygen and enjoy your dives more

– body awareness and mind control to manage your freedives better

– thoracic stretching (full / empty lungs stretching) and FRC dives to strengthen your dive reflex and body adaptation

– advanced freedive techniques of packing and reverse-packing, when and how to use them for your freedives and for daily on-land stretching routines


Main instructor:

Agata Bogusz – Freediving Instructor Trainer for AIDA, Pure Apnea and PADI, international judge, and Polish record holder in all depth disciplines with personal bests in CWT of 72m and STA of 6 minutes, the winner of the biggest Asian depth contest Freedive Panglao Depth Challenge 2016.


Assisting instructors (depending on the number of participants):

Diana Garcia Benito (Spanish) – AIDA, Pure Apnea and PADI instructor, Pure Apnea judge, yoga teacher, marine biologist.

Yuuji Fujito (Indonesian) – Pure Apnea and PADI instructor, Pure Apnea judge, freediving sponsored by Beuchat.

Mikhael Dominico (Indonesian) – AIDA instructor and international judge, Indonesian national record holder in CNF.


Price: 320 USD including:

3 days workshop with all instructions (5 open water sessions, stretching sessions, lectures and dry practice)

– training set-ups (buoys, bottom weights),

boat from Jakarta to Pramuka Island and for training sessions,

accommodation (2 nights) and food (2 or 3 meals per day, depending on the final program)

Due to limited number of participants booking fee of 70 USD is required. Ask about details


– be a certified freediver of at least level 1 / AIDA 2 star
– good general health
– sign medical statement and liability release
– own freediving equipment
– eager to learn and become a better freediver!


Equipment needed (not included):
– personal freediving equipment (wetsuit, bi-fins, mask, snorkel) and weightbelt / neckweight and weights (if needed)
– safety lanyard (not obligatory)
– yoga mat or a big towel (for stretching and relaxation session)


Schedule (depends on the sea and weather conditions)

13th of April
6 to 9 pm, Jakarta
Program: introduction to the workshop and detailed program, equalization workshop

14th of April
7 am, Jakarta Marina Ancol – boat to Pramuka Island
9 am – 4 pm: 2 freedive sessions with lunch in between, main focus on: Frenzel equalization and body position, finning, relaxation)
afternoon: theory and dry practice of mouthfill equalization technique
evening: dinner, free time

15th of April
7 am stretching session (full and empty lungs)
9 am – 4 pm: 2 freedive sessions with lunch in between, main focus on: mouthfill and Frenzel equalisation, relaxation, increasing dive time, efficiency of movement
afternoon: theory about lung adaptations and FRC dives, packing and reverse-packing techniques
evening: dinner, free time

16th of April
7 am stretching session (with packing and reverse packing, mouthfill excercises)
9 am – 12 pm: 1 dive session, main focus on: mouthfill, FRC dives
12 pm lunch and rest time
Boat back to Jakarta (around 2-3 pm)